Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This blog will provide a space for us to communicate with each other outside of our regular meetings.

After each meeting I plan on posting some of the main points that came up in our discussion. The hope is that those interested in doing so can continue the discussion here, by commenting on the post for that week. (It should go without saying (but I will make it explicit anyway) that online discussions should meet the same standards of decency, etc. as our in-person discussions.)

I will also post announcements for the group here, including announcements about the reading schedule. The first such post lists some proposed readings for the group. This is really just a proposal. I would love feedback on what to add to the list and what to replace. I think we should also take this to be something of a fluid reading list, reserving the right to change things as we go along.

I am really looking forward to this reading group. I think we have an excellent group of people coming together to discuss an interest set of topics. It should be fun and enlightening.

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